7 Simple Tips for Painting Your Bathroom

7 Simple Tips for Painting Your Bathroom

Looking to start a bathroom make over project? Perhaps you want a simple new and fresh look? You do not have to always go full out and replace and remodel everything. Sometimes a nice fresh coat or two of paint is all that is required. You can add some soft furnishings if you wish, change up the towel sets, even add a plant pot and some candles to change the mood.

When thinking about painting your bathroom, it is always to plan ahead, get some advice, look through magazines, or even some snapshots of those short breaks or long holidays overseas. Its amazing how many of us (yes, me included), take photos of the bathrooms when we stay somewhere else.

You may find some inspiration in your home snaps, or even in a glossy magazine. Whatever you decided, check out our 7 quick tips below to help you.​

1. When painting a bathroom, it is always best to use a specialist bathroom paint, or use a semi-gloss finish that is mold and mildew resistant. With the amount of moisture in a bathroom, using a standard paint will end in tears.

2. A good tip is to paint the ceiling first of all, then apply a second coat if required.

3. Remember to cover up your toilet and sink with drop cloth or even cling wrap. This will protect from those pesky paint spills.

4. Remove mold on the walls BEFORE you paint. This will keep your finished room better for longer.

5. Keep your rollers and brushes wet between applications. You can even put them in plastic wrap to help if you wish.

6. Choose a better quality paint – ask for advice in store at Hot Pot Paint 016 428 1113. I say this because whilst you can buy cheap paints. They are often just not up to the standard and will need recovering in as little as 6 months to a year. A good quality paint will last much longer, which saves you in your pocket over the longer term

7. Plan your bathroom before you jump in. Think about existing light in the room and how you want the finished look. Do you want that 5 Star Hotel Finish, perhaps something relaxing with candles, maybe even a small screen TV 🙂 Whatever you opt for, give it some thought before you rush ahead. Feel free to drop in store too and ask for advice on colours and design ideas.

If you are thinking about have some bold colour in your bathroom, then watch this short video from Dulux for some inspiration.

If you want to read about specialist bathroom paint, then check out the South Africa Dulux Page here.

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