Corrugated Roofs

Corrugated Roof Care and Painting

Caring for your Corrugated Roof

It goes without saying that a metal roof can last for many years when cared for correctly. Made from tough material, its durable and even lasts against the South African Elements when treated in the right way.

Using a good quality roof paint will always help matters as well as some common sense care and repair work over the years.

roof care tips to consider

Roof Care Tips to Consider

  • Do not stand directly on the roof unless you must. Use supports and other materials placed on the roof to access repairs and upgrades when possible. If you have to stand directly on the roof, always walk on the main joists to ensure the metal does not buckle as this can cause water build up and leaking.
  • Keep in mind that different metals when touching each other can corrode as some metals do not play nice together.
  • Inspect all seams and edges as well as the rivets and ensure you tighten up any loose screws. Try to site screw fixings in higher points in the roof construction as placing them too low down often results in pooling of rain water and subsequent rusting.
  • Keep the roof clear and tidy from clutter and debris. It is a good idea to get up on the roof after particularly windy conditions to ensure no debris is trapped on the roof area.
  • Make sure that you use reputable equipment and supplies when making repairs and upgrades to your roof as well as when choosing the paint you use. It will make a huge difference over the life span of your Corrugated Roof.

Corrugated Roof Care and Painting Tips... Read this...

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It is always advisable to paint your roof every few years to help prevent corrosion and rust from the sun and other weather conditions here in SA.

For help and advice on choosing the right leak fixing materials and paint, call us here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging on 016 428 1113. We are always here to help and offer free advice.

Something that people often forget is to keep the garden in order too. Trees and bushes can rub against the metal on your roof and this constant rubbing or abrasion can certainly cause damage to your roof.

Other considerations that indirectly impact your roof life are things such as your gutters. Make sure they are cleaned out every season to ensure that water can flow as intended in the original design. Failure to keep the water movement free and clear can ultimately cause issues with your roofing too!

Roof Repair - D.I.Y

If you want to do the job yourself and paint your own roof, it is always best to get appropriate professional advice ahead of time. Remember you can always call on us here at Hot Pot, but if you want to do you own reading before hand, then feel free to check out this blog post on Do it about how to paint corrugated metal roofing

Another site that you may find useful is this one: Roof Coating Vaal

Andre and his team are a local contractor in the Vaal area who specialise in roof coating and repair, so feel free to check them out too.

Below are some videos for you to watch about Roof Painting!

Any questions? Feel free to post a comment below, or contact us on 016 428 5525. We are here to assist!