Stoep Care

For the Love of Your Stoep

Does Your Stoep Need Some Love?

We often pay attention to the inside of our homes and keep them fresh and updated, but we often neglect the outside space, except for repainting walls and gutters from time to time.

But one part of the home that often ends up neglected is the beloved Porch, or Stoep as we like to call it here in SA.Tiles tend to get warn down over time and wood just fades to grey (or cracks and warps).

A little bit of tender loving care is all that is often required to bring it back to date and also look great in the process.

Timber Porch/Stoep

If you love your wood, you should also take care of it. With a little maintaining throughout the year, you can actually save yourself money in the long term by prolonging the life of the wood.

Spring is a great time to clean down the Stoep area and seal it with a good protector. Keeping the wood clean also helps prevent mould and mildew from getting into the wood and making it rot.

Before you seal the wood, make sure to replace any loose or popped screws or nails. Then choose an appropriate sealant for your type of wood. Feel free to ask us in store if you need further help and advice on this (016 428 1113).


- If you have a composite type set up, then do not use pressure cleaners as these can actually do more harm than good. Just use a good old fashioned soft broom and mop

Summer Time

Summer is a good time to get down to ground level and check out the wood with a closer inspection. See if there is any rot setting in, or areas that need a repair. If you are painting the wood, make sure to remove any dead wood first, and to sand down in preparation.

Autumn is Here...

Once Autumn is well under way, then make sure leaves are not piling up in corners as these will eventually begin to break down and could end up rotting your wood too. Check for cracks and other issues as this is another good time to do the sealing in prep for the cold winter months.

Sealing now could save you money in the long term as the ice can really get into the wood and cause some severe breaks.

Tile Stoep / Porch

This one is a little simpler. You just need to maintain the area throughout the year by sweeping with a soft broom and keeping it clean with a damp mop.

If you see that the grout is beginning to come out, then remove around the cracked and broken areas and replace with fresh.If you know there are no cracks, using a pressure washer is fine, or a good old fashioned broom with some hot soapy water does wonders!

Taking steps to keep your Stoep clean and grouted will save you a great deal of money in repairs and replacements over the years, so its time well invested.

Get Help and Advice

If you need some further advice and support to get your Stoep in order, give us a call or better still, come on down to Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging for some 1 to 1 guidance. Our team are always on hand, plus we stock all the tools you need to get the job done.

Look after your Wood

We stock a great range of Sealers, Wood Stain, Paint and more in store.

Got any other questions or comments? Feel free to scroll down and post below. Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated, thank you!

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