How to Paint Interior Door with Dulux Enamel

How to Paint an Interior Door with Dulux Enamel Paint

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11 Steps to the Perfect Paint Finish on your Interior Doors

Its all in the preparation! Make sure you follow our handy tips below and you will have a great looking door using Dulux Enamel. Come in store to see our full range and other brands available.​

1. Check the door whist it is still hanging. Check out how much room there is on all sides whilst closed. If it is pretty close to the edges, you may need to sand them down a little prior to doing the paint work.

2. Remove all extras on the door such as door handles, coat hooks etc

3. Wedge door with couple of stops to keep in place whilst you remove the hinges.

4. Remove hinges with power drill, remember to leave one screw in each place to help keep in place whilst removing other.

5. Place the door on a steady surface and clean it well. Good to use sugar soap for this stage of clearning to remove grease and grime.

6. If the door has enamel paint already, lightly sand to remove the shine. Then use primer undercoat to apply before applying the top coat. Stir your enamel paint by bringing paint up from the bottom of the tin to get best mix of paint.

7. Grab a brush, a good quality synthetic paint brush is the best. Make sure not to use too much paint on your brush.

8. If you have a panel door, paint the raised parts first, then the panels, then the main part of the door.

9. Finally paint the edges of the door.

10. Wait until dry, flip over the door and then do the same on the reverse side.

11. Once dry, just before you apply the second coat, use a light sandpaper. Wipe down the surface and then begin second coat.

That's it, you are done! Congratulations

"Give Yourself a BIG Pat on the Back (if you can reach) You Deserve it - Well Done, you just painted your door!"

Watch the Video Below for a Handy Guide on Doors, Windows and Trim

Watch the video below to see a video from Dulux Australia to get an idea of how its done. There is also guides on Windows and Trim in this video too, worth a watch.

The products on this video are similar to the ones we use here in South Africa, so be sure to contact us here in store on 016 428 1113 to get the correct product name and information when going ahead with your project.

Remember that we stock the sugar soap, rags, paint and brushes at Hot Pot Paint here in Vereeniging, so you can grab it all in one place on the go. See you in store!

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