is bluetooth the future for padlocks

Lock Down – Are Bluetooth Locks the Wave of our Future?

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Bluetooth - Is it time for Tech Take Over?

The smart and digital trend is continuing to grow across many sectors from driver-less cars down to home and commercial security. You can access your home CCTV system via an app on your smart phone or tablet, you can track the whereabouts of your loved ones via their phones too.

But what about the regular things like a padlock for the front gate, or your bicycle? Technology is breaking into our daily lives in many ways, but what do you think about Bluetooth Padlocks? Are they something you would personally use in your home?

Indoor and Outdoor Bluetooth Padlock

Take for example the Master Lock already available here in South Africa. It operates using Apple or Android Technology and can easily be downloaded to your device for pairing with the lock.

Here is a quick video by one manufacturer.​

They are very simple to use and you can disable pairing from a central Vault Site should you lose your phone. This would then stop any would be thief from gaining access to your lock with your phone.

Pro's and Con's of Bluetooth Security in South Africa

The advantages?

  • Well for one, if you are like me and tend to lose those pesky little keys, or even forget the combination if its that type of lock, now you can rest assured that its a problem of the past. No key to be lost and no combination to remember.
  • Another great benefit is you can grant access to anyone you wish who has a smart phone. This way you can let someone at home gain access to the outdoor shed even when you are at work 🙂 No more excuses to pop home however!
  • You can even set up Tamper alerts so you know if someone is trying to get access to a lock when you are not around.

The Negatives?

There are not really many negatives to be honest, but a couple we thought about are:-

  • If the lock is used outside, how well protected from the elements is the lock? A typical lock gets a lot of abuse from the rain and sunshine and dust here is SA, so how will the tech hold up under our conditions?

The quote from their marketing material states the following...

Master Lock Brochure Statement...

Full 2-piece injection molded body cover and shackle seals for addedresistance to weather and dry contaminants

The biggest issue right now is price. The benefits we detailed about are wonderful it has to be said, being able to grant access to a lock on a work site for example without the need for traditional keys is great, but the cost of these little gadgets is not cheap. The outdoor version runs around R2500 per unit, so they need to be protecting some value on the other side 🙂

The biggest issue in South Africa with Bluetooth locks right now is price...

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Over to you 🙂

Would you invest in one of these locks for your home or business?
Do you think its something that will become bigger in the future?

Just scroll down to our Facebook Box and type us a response, it will good to know what your thoughts are.Thanks for your input, most appreciated.

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