Kitchen Splash Back, Glass or Stone

Making a Splash in the Kitchen – Stone or Glass Mosaic?

Granite, Marble, Quartz and other Stone are always in fashion. But the upward trend in glass mosaic tile splash backs sees no signs of slowing down. So which is the better choice for your kitchen?

Like everything it all comes down to a few simple pointers:

1) Personal Taste

What style are you aiming for in your kitchen and what preferences do you have in design? Do you like the traditional Marble and Granite Look or are you a Modern Day Trender into the Glass Styles we see every day on the TV makeover shows?

2) Price

Stone tends to be more expensive than the glass options, but its not always the case. When it comes to the Glass Mosaics that are really hot right now, these can run to a higher price per square meter than their Stone counterpart!

Something else to keep in mind with costs is that stone is often porous which means you will need to seal it as well to prevent staining. This all adds to the final cost

3) Current and Future Design

If you have begun a remodel of sorts in your kitchen already, then you may need to keep in mind what you have in place already or are planning to incorporate. This can have an impact on the final finish of your kitchen and the last thing you want is clashing of design ideas. Remember though that trending means it often has a timeline. Stone has been used for century’s and still looks great. The Glass Mosaic Trend could become less popular over time and could impact resale value of your property in the long term.

4) Practicality

Sounds like an odd inclusion, but remember when choosing your back splash of choice that some surfaces are more forgiving than others. Marble for example can stain rather easily, so its something that you will need to be willing to compromise on given the location you are choosing to place it. Granite on the other hand is hard wearing and very easy to keep clean.

Glass Mosaic or Stone Splash Backs? Which one is best?

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Splash Back Options for the Kitchen


You can reduce costs a little and help the environment if you opt for Eco Friendly Options.

Here are some further reading links to check out what is available and for some inspiration.

It has to be said, that right now, at this point in time, glass mosaics are certainly on an upward trend. Many modern homes just look so much more polished and even upmarket when designed using these wonderful materials.

Stone still has its place though. The traditional idea of a kitchen and the robust look is something that will always be with us. Granite also has that refined luxury look and appeal too.

Ultimately it all comes down to your personal taste and money in the budget, but take the time to see what is available and do not discount other back splash ideas such as Stainless Steel or Porcelain Tile amongst many others.

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