Living Room Colour Design

Sky Blue to Orange or a Soft Pink, what colours work well in a living room?

We spend quite a bit of our waking hours in the living room of our homes. So when it comes to selecting the paint colour, it should be something that we take a little time over. It's easy to slap on some eggshell, off white or a beige, but thinking about the layout of your room, the furniture inside it and the art that will hang on the wall space or sit on the floor could and should have some reflection of your final paint choices.

Living Room Colour Ideas

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'You can opt for feature walls, or various accent colours, or you can go bold and really bring out the artist in you waiting to get out.'

Think about how you use the space, the natural light you already have in the room and how you intend to illuminate the area in the evening and at night.Who uses the room the most may also have an impact on the colour scheme you opt for. Is it for the whole family including younger children and or teens, or is it purely and adult space for tranquillity and relaxation?

What The Experts Say About Choosing Paint Colour

Want to see a video from an expert on choosing paint colours for your home? Below is a couple of quick videos you can watch to give you some more ideas and help.

The following video from Crown Paints in the UK is also a nice overview video to help you get some ideas.

Psychology of Colour

Colour an set a mood or enhance one. It can also convey emotion and invoke physiological reaction or even inspire us. Check out the image below for more ideas on colour and the psychology of it. They use the Pantone Matching System Colour Format.

the psychology of colour

Image courtesy of Pinterest Post -

As you can see, colour is likely to have more impact upon us than we sometimes realise. So choosing the right colour for the right mood in your living room is important at the planning stages. Make sure to create a mood board with colour samples of furniture and art you already have in the space or are planning to add in your make over.

To give you some food for though on something a little different, check out these colour ideas below.

Green Living Rooms are growing in popularity, check out this image below from the web site

green living room design

Image from Decoist Web Site

Grey can give quite a classic and sophisticated look and fee to a room. Some consider it to betoo boring - Check out this image example below

grey interior paint design

This image was from

Remember too that you can use colour effectively in the furniture you select, not just the paint colour you use. From this site, Rowcdesign,  we can see the use of purple in the sofa choice.

Purple Living Room Design

Great Living Room Colour Design Ideas on Hot Pot Paint web site

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Take Away's for you to Consider

Remember to do the following

  • Take your time to think about the rooom uses and who will most occupy the space
  • What mood do you want to achieve in the space
  • What Art and Furniture colours do you already have or intend to incorporate into the finished room
  • Consider lighting, both natural and the lights you will use or add
  • Create a mood or design board and let it sit for a while to think it over
  • Grab some test paint colours to try on the walls in the room and make sure you are happy with it before taking the full plunge
  • Feel free to speak to a professional, contact us here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware for some unbiased advise.
  • Be happy with your choices and remember its a space that you will use quite a lot and can last for some years to come.

Resources to take a look at

Take a look at some of these unusual colour choices on this web site for inspiration.

Remember its not just the colour of the paint you use in the room, but also the furnishing colour choices that you make to put in it. Check out these colours you may not have thought of before.

Want some inspiration to make a room look bigger? Check out these colour ideas for smaller rooms. Remember if you want a certain colour, we can mix in store for you too 🙂

This site talks about the planning of paint for your room. Considering things such as your art loves and your flooring as well as the space of the room.

If you want professional help and advice, be sure to drop by our store and speak to our support team. We are more than happy to assist you on your upcoming project with ideas, colour cards and more.

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