The Plascon Colours

The Plascon Colour Chart

The Plascon Colour Range is vast. With tinting becoming more and more popular and the direction that the company is moving, you can pretty much choose whatever colour you like. The standard colours in the Plascon Palette are amazing though and we particularly love the Micatex Colour Choices.

Here is a Sample below of the Plascon Micatex Standard Colours

Paint Colour from Plascon

The coverage you get from Micatex is pretty good to. It is a comparable product to the Dulux Range of Weatherguard. Like everything in paint, the practical spread rate will vary from wall to wall, based on things such as porosity and profile of the substrate, not to mention the actual application technique itself.

The quoted spread rate for Micatex for example is 6 square meters per litre coat, but this is served as a guide from the manufacturer. The base colour for Micatex is white (code BBO 300) and has an extensive range of standard colours as per the colour cards. It is also available in the Inspired Colour Tints.

There are also Tint Bases, Pastel and Deep Tint available. Micatex is an extremely durable UV-Resistant Paint. Water based, with a fine texture for good weatherproofing. You can see the full Data Sheet from Plascon on the Micatex Range here.

What Coverage Do You Get from Plascon Micatex?

According to Plascon, you can expect an average of 6 Meter Square per Litre used. This of course is based on a good quality wall to begin with. 

Getting back to the Plascon Colour Chart, you can find a great tool on their own web site that lets you choose colours you like and then see the corresponding colours that are available in the plascon range. You can find a link to that page further down on this page.

​Currently at Hot Pot, you can pick up standard colours from the Plascon Product Ranges, but we are in talks with Plascon at this time to bring a brand new tinting machine to the business with all the full Plascon tinting colour range to choose from. This will mean we can mix up your dream from within store, and you will be able to look over the full colour charts at your leisure once they are installed in our business. Keep an eye on the Hot Pot Paint Facebook Page for suitable updates on this. We hope to have more news by the end of June this year.

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2016 Official Plascon Colour - Atlantic Beach Blue

For 2016, the official colour for Plascon is Atlantic Beach, code is (B5-B1-1), and it was chosen to tie in with the Olympic Games for this year, and also seen in the Brazilian Flag.They say that this deep colour helps with concentration, so lets hope it helps those athletes 🙂 It is a great colour to use in an office environment or workspace.

​If you want to search for your own colours, then Plascon has a great inspired colour system on their web site. You can see the colour choices on this page.

How to Use the Plascon Colour Chart on their Web Site.

Just go over to the Plascon Web Site. Scroll down and then choose a colour to get started, or if you know of a colour, say the Atlantic Beach we mentioned above, you can type that into the search box.

Step 1 - Load up the Plascon Page Linked Above

Plascon Inspired Colours

Load the Page then Scroll Down

Step 2. Type in the Colour Name if you Know it

plascon colour guide

Enter Your Colour Name, or Choose one from the Palette

Step 3. Pick a Colour if you Do Not Know One

Plascon guide step 3

You Can Choose a Colour if you prefer

Step 4. Select Complementary to See Colours that Work Together

When you first choose a colour or type one in, you will be presented with the Monochromatic Colours in that Palette. You can then move on to select the options next to your chosen colour to see things such as complementary colours. This is great when choosing coordinated colour schemes for designing a new room style.

Plascon step 4

Complimentary Colours Can be Chosen

Step 5. Look at the Adjacent Colours on the Colour Wheel

Picking the Adjacent option will bring up the colours generated from the adjacent colours on the colour wheel. If you would like to learn or see more on the colour wheel, then check out a post we did on our site back in 2015.

Plascon Colour Chart Guide Step 5

Choose Adjacent Colours from the Colour Wheel

Step 6. You can look at all Colour Schemes Together if you Wish

Just pick the All Colour Schemes Option to see it all below each other. Great for an overview and comparison, especially if you are designing. 

plascon colour guide step 6

Choose to see all colour options together.

In Case You Get an Error Message!

No stress. If you type in a brand of paint when you are searching the inspired colour system, you will see an error message (see in yellow below). This just means you did not type in a specific colour or code. If you are not sure, start by clicking on a square of the colour you like and take it from there. 

Possible Error on Search

Do Not Worry if you Get an Error Message

Dig Deeper into the #PlasconColourPalette

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If you need further assistance with picking colours that work together, or what type of paint to use for which application, then feel free to either pop into our store on the Houtkop Road in Vereeniging, or call us on 016 428 5525 / 1113. 

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