Bathroom Remodel Considerations

Bathroom Make Overs

Its time for a make over and the bathroom is your target of choice. What should you consider before you go ahead and what is likely to come up in the process?

When starting a bathroom remodel, you should first consider the reason behind your improvements. These could be things such as:

* Someone with mobility issues needs better bathroom access

* You want a more spa like tranquil space to relax and unwind in

* Consider if this is an en-suite make over or master bathroom with all the family making use of the space

* Are you doing an overhaul to bring it into the modern era for your own personal pleasure, or is this to improve the chances in a home sale?

This will then lead on to thoughts of budget and what you can/want to pay for the space. Scrubbing things up to sell may mean spending a little more to increase value, or if could be just to bring it up to scratch.

You may want to splurge on fine fittings and fixtures for your own luxury. But once you know your budget, its important to keep a handle on it as you go, or things can easily get very expensive, very quickly!

Think about existing plumbing and drainage

You may want a new layout for your design, but speak to a professional before you start mapping out the new plans. Moving drainage can become costly, so make sure you really need to move things around before going ahead.

Another consideration is the shower. If you want a new fancy shower that is very close to normal floor level, the drainage needs to be able to accommodate this set up. Get it wrong and you will have to use many spare towels for each shower to mop up the mess.

Talking of mess, think about bath mats and other things on the floor in your plans. If you have a shower and a bath, then the last thing you want is a soggy bathmat each time someone takes a shower!

Toilets - Wall Hung or Traditional?

Think about the implications of hiding all the tank work in or behind the wall.

Does this mean water pipes going into outside walls which may be an issue in colder weather?

If you decide to go back to a traditional style later, then moving all the plumbing and tank set up could be hassle.

Tiling around the toilet. Wall hanging means nothing touches the floor and tiling looks wonderful. If you have traditional set up, then consider tiling under the toilet before placing or tiling around it once in place.

Shower Considerations

Does your water pressure live up to the demand, or will you need to go power shower?

Think about building in a recess on the wall to hold the shampoo, soap and other accessories. Saves screwing in fitting on the wall!

With all the options these days, think about the big rain shower heads versus traditional styles, but also remember the water useage can differ greatly as well.

Will you have a stand alone shower or a Tub/Shower combo? There are some nice space saving options on the market should your bathroom space be on the smaller side.

Consider the floor tiling as well. Large tiles may look awesome, but they typically have less grip than the smaller tile set up

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Other parts of the bathroom

Think about storage options too. Ventolation is obviously important to keep out that dreaded damp. But once you have that sorted, you can think about good storage choices to hold those bulky bath sheets and other items.

Consider drawers and not just the typical cabinet cupboard. Some of the fancy gliding drawers on the market these days not only function well, but glide in and out with ease for grabbing that dry towel when you forgot it before jumping in for a quick shower.

Think about lighting, privacy areas, where you hang mirrors and also consider the people living in the house who will use the space most. It gets frustrating when you hang the vanity cupboards and mirrors only to discover they are too low or too high for those using them.

Finally, consider extra features that make life easier. If you shave in the shower, then think about fog free mirrors and lighting that could be set up in the space. If you love to read a book whilst you soak in the bath, then think about creating a storage area for books and those fancy smelling candles inside the bathroom area.

Consider who uses the space and the movement required around it. You will be happier for the time taken in the planning stages when you finally get to relax in your new quiet place.

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