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Choose The Right Hammer for the Job

It's not too hard to get or use the wrong hammer when doing home DIY. But it can make all the difference if you use the right one first time. We stock a wide range of brands and types of hammer here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging, so we thought we would share the love and outline some common types of hammer for you to have a read.

Choose the right #hammer for the job - Read This

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Which Hammer to Use for the Job?

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Hammers were NOT all created Equal!

From the specialist engineer and mechanical hammers to concrete removal and chrome work, we stock them all. But what hammer should you use for your project?

The Ball Pein Hammer

A typical engineers hammer, sometimes called a mechanics hammer as they are used to round edges off pins and fasteners, but also to shape metal and close rivets.

This is achieved with the specialist end of the hammer which has a rounded or ball shape, giving it the name! You also get Cross and Straight Pein Hammers too.

Claw and Ball Pein Hammer

The Rubber Mallet

You get the wooden block variety that is usually used to work a chisel or knock in a dowel. We stock the plastic mallets in store which can be used for numerous jobs around the home and should you decide to go camping, they are great for knocking in the tent ground pegs without damaging the metal and crimping them.

The rubber mallet is specifically designed for striking materials such as chrome wing outs. As with the camping pegs, it does not damage the surface you are working on as a steel hammer is likely to do.

1.8KG Sledge Hammer and Rubber Mallet

The Sledge Hammer

Similar to the club hammer, but typically heavier, these are used to break up stone and concrete and general smashing up stuff on site. Can be used to drive in stakes as well. Often these will come with a longer handle to get more of a swing, but the smaller ones are great for demo work.

Check labels on these as they are usually designed for striking certain levels of hardened surfaces. You can read about steel hardness ands the Rockwell Scale on this site:  Tomahawkdb.com

The Club Hammer

Can be called a lump hammer as well, usually with a double faced head and used in lighter demolition work. Also used to drive in masonry nails and great with a chisel too. A vital tool around site and great for the home too.

The Scutch Hammer

This one usually draws a blank look with the average DIY-er as its more of a specialist tool. Usually used to knock off old mortar from paving and or bricks, it was designed to hold a scutch comb or drove in the way you would a scutch chisel.

Some will have a single head and others will be double-end scutch hammers.

a Scutch Hammer

There are many other specialist hammers available, and we stock some of those too. For example the welders hammer is quite a common tool we sell at Hot Pot. Usually with a chisel end and a pointed end complete with a spring handle to stop kickback.

A Video to Watch!

For a little safety and overview, you can watch this video we found on YouTube.

Any questions? Give us a call, or feel free to comment on this post. We hope you found this article useful, share with your friends and family via Facebook or Twitter to help us share the lurve!

Thanks for reading.