How to Hang WallPaper

How to Wallpaper a Room

When other people do it, generally it looks really simple. But the thought for some is just terrifying!

If that sounds like you, then read on to discover how you can be papering a room in next to no time by learning from the pro's.

Don't Stress about the Wallpaper

Wallpaper, can really transform the look and feel of a room. Either by covering the entire space, or just creating a feature wall. First things first, you need to make sure that the room is prepared for hanging wall paper.

Ensure that the room is clean, surfaces free from dust, grease and grime and that the room itself is clutter free to allow for easy movement and space to get around.The last thing you want is the paper getting ruined by clinging on to a piece of furniture!

If you have had damp or mould, then you may need to seek professional help first, or at least use a good fungicidal cleaner.

If you have newly plastered walls, it may mean you need to cover with a sealant first. This will help the paste to adhere to the wall more easily, and not just soak deep into the wall.

If you want to do things the right way, it is a good idea to place lining paper on the wall, before the actual wallpaper. This helps with rooms with imperfections, which let's be honest, is most rooms!It may sound obvious, but make sure you work from the top down when hanging wall paper and make sure you do not overlap paper, as this will then show through once it is complete and will stand out and look wrong.

Watch the video below first to see some overview on all this, including hanging the lining paper first of all. It's a short video from a UK D.I.Y store that is very popular, and gives you some great advice...

The First Step in Hanging Wallpaper, Preparing the Walls

Once you have done the prep, leave at least 24 hours to dry before moving on to the actual main wallpaper hanging.

Typical Tools and Items Required

  • The Wallpaper
  • Lining Paper (Optional)
  • PastePaste Brush & Roller
  • Knife or Snap off Blade or
  • Wallpaper Scissors
  • Spirit Level
  • Sponge & Bucket with Clean Water
  • Smoothing Brush or a Plastic Smoother
  • Tape Measure
  • Putty knife and a Straight Edge
  • Prep Table for the Wallpaper (Optional, but Ideal)
  • Step Ladder
  • Dust Sheets
  • Plumb Bob (Optional, helps keep straight)

Call us at Hot Pot Paint if you need help. We stock many of the items you will need here in store.

How Much Wallpaper Do You Need?

Calculating Wallpaper

The best way to know how much wallpaper to use is to measure or check the width of the wallpaper you are going to use.

Then, measure the width of the walls you wish to cover and divide by the width of the wallpaper.

This will give you the number of drops you need.

Then measure the height of the room and multiply the height by the drops to get the amount required.

Remember to allow around 10-15% extra for cutting and also remember that you may be going around a door or window, which means you will need less than the first calculation.

Here is a handy Wallpaper Room Calculator

Room Prepared - Now it is time to actually do the Main Task.

​Day 2 - Hanging the Wallpaper

Some paper actually comes with adhesive already on the paper. But in the main, you will need to paste adhesive yourself.

On a plain wall, it is always advisable to start in the middle and work outwards. If the wall has a focal point, then start in the middle of this item.

Make sure you measure from the top of the wall to the skirting and add a little extra for trimming. A good guide is to add 100mm or 10cm.

Make sure you find the starting point on the paper, especially when using a repeat pattern. Speak to the store for guidance on the right way to hang if unsure.

BEFORE you start with the adhesive, make sure you READ the label first. Some need water added, others are premixed.

If you can, get someone to help you when pasting and placing the wallpaper as this will make the job so much simpler.

Ensure you have dust sheets down or something to catch any adhesive spill that may happen.

Sometimes you may need to wait for the adhesive to soak into the paper a little prior to hanging. Check both paper and adhesive labels for correct instruction.You are now ready to begin hanging the actual paper.

Watch the video below for more advice, including how to correctly trim the wallpaper

Any questions? Give us a call in store - 016 428 5525 /1113

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