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5 Top Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Confidential – The 5 Essentials You Must Consider in Kitchen Design

They say that a way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. Perhaps this is why the Kitchen has been seen for generations as the heart of a good home. Times may be changing and the men may be doing as much (or even more) cooking than the women these days, but the fact […]

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Should you build yourself

New House Build, Self Building or Outsource?

According to Absa bank, in 2015 the average cost to build a new home increased by around 6%. Our estimate is that it is higher than this and is expected to continue in the upward trend due to transportation and material cost increases.The average, say Absa, is around R6,148 per square metre up to November […]

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Warmer Winter Tips for the Home

Winter Warmers. Ways to Improve the Warmth in Your Home

Living in South Africa has its perks. Warm spring and Autumn time plus a great hot summer is pretty much always assured. The one time of year when it can get a little rough is the Winter Season.Depending on which region you live, night temperatures can drop well below freezing and days can barely push […]

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Plan your kitchen remodel well in advance

7 Hot Tips to Avoid those Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

There is an old Army saying that goes something along these lines…”Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P_ _ _ Poor Performance”I am sure you can fill in the blanks, but it applies to our Kitchen Remodel Planning as much as any other. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail is another fave of […]

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Older Hardware content on Hot Pot web site

Older Home and Hardware Content on Hot Pot Paint

Catch up with Older ArticlesRead our older Home and Hardware Content below… Jump to the Hardware Archives from our older site hereJump to the How To Archives from our older site here Let us know what you think about our new site style and design. Scroll down and enter a comment below. We would truly appreciate […]

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